The ACM Forex Trading Platform – Is it Any Good?

The trading of the Forex market used to be the preserve of traders who had access to huge amounts of capital. You needed to be either a financial institution or a very wealthy individual to be able to afford to play in a market with a large amount of risk. But thanks to the Internet, this has now changed. The little guy is now able trade alongside the big institutions. And many brokers have welcomed these individual traders with open arms. One of the best of this new breed of broker is the ACM Forex Trading Platform.

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[]).push(); So now we’ve determined that we are trading from the West Coast in the US which is 3 hours behind NY’s Eastern Time and we also know when this 24 hour market stops and resets for the next day. The next thing to consider is when you will get ready and plan for the next day. If you’re living in California, as in our example here, and you’re a night owl then perhaps you’d like to get ready to trade the London session from about 1am PST (4am EST) to 4am PST (7am EST).Or, maybe you enjoy your sleep and want to doze through the London session but have no problem getting up early, around 4am PST (7am EST) so you can see what the end of the London session looks like and prepare for the start of the New York session which will really get going around 5:30am PST (8:30am EST). Or, finally, perhaps you hate waking up early and so you’d prefer to be a middle of the day trader; no problem. Just wait until around 2pm PST (5pm EST) when the new day in Tokyo starts and you can trade FX during that major market session.Now you’ve got a clear handle on what the major forex trading time zones are all about and can plan your days accordingly. And remember, planning and preparation are perhaps the two most over-looked, yet important factors of success in any business, including this one.