); 3. What Can the Forex Accumulator Software Do for Its Users?It is a 100% plug and play robot that is capable of analyzing the currencies markets and identifying the profitable opportunities when they appear. It is then able to execute a buy or sell position automatically to attempt to profit from the trade position. Once in a trade, it monitors the trade closely and exits the market for its user to maximize returns or minimize risks when the time is right. This software is different in that its trading system is made with real technical analysis methods rather than being curve fitted with past results.

[]).push(); So if anyone can learn a simple system and win why do so many traders lose?Dennis knew the answer and it’s you can have a system which can make money but you need to apply it with discipline to make money and he therefore focused on making sure they had total confidence in it and could follow it with discipline. Its a fact, that most traders lose because they can’t keep their emotions out of their trading but when discipline breaks down, you will lose.95% of traders lost 25 years ago and still lose today and the reason is simple – despite all the advances we have seen in technology and forecasting, traders will always lack discipline, its in their nature. So how do you learn to trade with discipline?You of course need confidence in what your doing but you must also have the mindset to take your losses and keep them small. Taking losses is not a failing, the market will give them to you but if you take them cheerfully, the market will reward you with some great trends and you can trade them to cover your losses and give you a great overall gain and second income.If you want to trade Forex successfully, get a simple method and then choose to trade with discipline and you can enjoy currency trading success, it really is that simple.

); New York SessionWhile the New York Session is the last session of the day, by no means is it boring. During the early hours it is concurrently open with the London Session, the highest overall volume of trading takes place. The hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. This session is extremely important, due to New York being a major financial center of the world and many banks, domestic and foreign branches, are located there. Even the economic calendars tend to list news events according to New York or Eastern Standard Time.With the three major sessions operating in tandem to cover all 24 hours in a day, many trading opportunities exist. That is not to say that all of the hours have equal potential from a profit standpoint. In fact, there are times which are almost always better for trading in than others. If you want to know the absolute best regular hours for trading, then try trading on Tuesday and Wednesday between the hours of 3 and 4 a.m. EST and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST.

); On the lower timeframes, you wont be getting enough time to analyze the trading signals properly due to their fast moving nature. This will often cause you to place bad trades that are not properly planned. You can avoid that on the 24 hour charts.3. On the daily charts the size of the market move that you can catch is much bigger than that on the lower timeframe charts. So, if you are able to spot a high probability trade setup on the daily chart, you can expect to make a few hundred pips easily as compared to 40-60 pips on the lower time frame charts.4. However, the size of the stop loss required on the 24 hour charts is also wide as compared to the lower timeframe charts. But if you use proper filters, you can avoid a bad trade from the very start.So, trading on the daily charts is what you should master first especially if you have a day job because trading on the daily charts can be done end of the day.

); One of the more popular is the Iraqi dinar. The War on Terror has put the spotlight on the country. Hundreds of online dealers and over a thousand auctions on eBay peddle Iraq’s new currency (issued 10/2003) citing the currency could behave like the Kuwaiti dinar after the Gulf War appreciating over 3000%. With the current exchange rate of 1235:1 people don’t need money leverage to get a return on this currency. It’s up 18% since November of 2006 and over 125% since it’s release into circulation despite the turmoil in the war torn country.The action in Iraq has started to bring light to the potential opportunity in the Vietnamese dong. The dong is the weakest currency in circulation hovering near 16,000:1. Over a decade of depreciation has brought the dong to its current level. Yet Vietnam is the second fastest growing economy following China. Unlike the uncertainty which surrounds Iraq, Vietnam is seeing increased foreign direct investment, good business growth and excellent economic news on a consistent basis. Quite possibly the only thing keeping the currency’s valuation at its current levels is Vietnam’s desire to keep the price on exports low.Some businesses like the Massachusetts based Web Ownership Group offer both currencies. The founder believes they are both potentially good long-term investments. Only time will tell in this interesting twist in currency investing.